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Giving you an easy tool to create your owns bots, you will be able to create pattern to send traffic on the websites of your choices, and cheat on the website you want!

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  • Send a lot of fake traffic to some directories
    Some directories have a top referrer or a top hits page. You can easily send traffic bot in top position on these websites and get PR3 or PR4 links!
  • Generate Fake Traffic
    Need to show that you have more visitors than you have really? Buy us fake traffic and send it to your own website!
  • Cheat on traffic exchange system
    In some market, you have some partners that send you traffic only if you send them traffic. Why not cheat on these websites?
  • Increase your pageviews
    Need some traffic on your website, videos, musics to try to acquire others visitors? Launch it with your own bot!
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