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Why Choose Us?

  • Works on all websites
  • Easily track the behaviour of your bots
  • Fantastic user experience
  • Thousands of proxies
  • Dozens of countries
  • Fanatical one-one support

What Do We Provide?

We offer you a generator of bots that mimic the behaviour of real users on your own website or on the website of your choice! You can increase the number of page views if you need it, say to the bot to click on such or such links, and increase your earnings. Want to discover more?

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Works on all website
The only limit is yourself
Automatic Launches
No manual action on your side
Easy To Use
3-minutes tutorial
Extremely smart
Use regular expressions!
No Installation
Everything is online
Awesome Support
We answer you REALLY quickly!

365 Days & 24/7 Support via Email and Tutorials

If you have any questions on how to configure yours bots, we are available to answer any of questions all days of the year via email. Just contact us and we will reply to you reallly quickly!

More over, we created an awesome tutorial to help you to understand how to use Cheateo, with dozens of example depending of your requirements and your goal! Need to to generate fake traffic on your own website, to click on a link to fake a normal behaviour, or to scroll a page for a popup to appear? Just read the relative tutorial, and create your first bot in less than 3 minutes!

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